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Former Missouri inmate admits role in behind-bars
identity-theft scheme in Illinois

stltoday.com / July 28, 2011

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Identity Theft - Growing and Deadly
Joan Tupponce / Boomer Life Magazine / April-May 2008

The U.S. Postal Inspection Service: A Leader in the Fight Against Identity Theft
Loreal Bond / The NW3C Informant / July 2007 (used with permission/NW3C © 2007)

U.S. Postal Inspectors: Partners in the Investigation of Identity Theft and Crimes Involving the U.S. Mail
Lee R. Heath, Chief Postal Inspector / Police Chief Magazine / March 2005

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BBB's 9 Tips to Safeguard Your Identity. Keep Sensitive Records Safe
BBB / March 22, 2013

Five arrested in St. Louis for nationwide identity theft ring
kmov.com / September 7, 2010

Woman admits ID theft, tax scam
St. Louis Post-Dispatch / April 29, 2013

St. Clair County woman gets 4 years for identity theft
St. Louis Post-Dispatch / March 25, 2013

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Identity theft growing, costly to victims
USA Today / April 14, 2013

Biggest identity theft bust of its type in U.S. history
Reuters / October 7, 2011

International ID theft scheme defendant sentenced to 13 1/2 years
Office of Inadequate Security - DataBreaches.net / September 11, 2009

Man gets 7 years in ID theft
ROBERT BOCZKIEWICZ / The Pueblo Chieftain / August 30, 2009

ID theft ring victimized restaurant patrons
MICHAELANGELO CONTE (Journal Staff Writer) / New Jersey News / August 29, 2009

An 11-Year-Old With Bad Credit? Mother Fights for Son's Identity
Staff / ABC News.com / April 1, 2009

Internet crime jumps by a third last year
Carol Cratty / CNN.com / March 30, 2009

States take growing role in cyber crimefighting
Ben Bain / FederalComputerWeek.com / March 30, 2009

FBI Uncovers Worldwide $9M ATM Card Scam
Staff / Fox News.com / February 3, 2009

Identity Theft Case Said to be the Largest and Most Complex Ever Charged in the U.S.
Casey Mayville / Government Technology.com / July 14, 2008

Corpse Wheeled to Check-Cashing Store Leads to 2 Arrests
Bruce Lambert and Christine Hauser / The NY Times / January 9, 2008

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"Identity Theft is America's fastest-growing crime"
United States Postal Inspection Service

Identity Theft: Safeguard Your Personal Information
United States Postal Inspection Service

Don't Be a Victim of a Check Scam
United States Postal Inspection Service

Consumer Fraud by Phone or Mail
United States Postal Inspection Service

Consumer & Business Guide to Preventing Mail Fraud
United States Postal Inspection Service

A Consumer's Guide to Sweepstakes & Lotteries
United States Postal Inspection Service

Facts for Consumers: Your Access to Free Credit Reports
Federal Trade Commission

ID Theft: What It's All About
Federal Trade Commission

What To Do If Your Personal Information Has Been Compromised
Federal Trade Commission

Additional Federal Trade Commission Publications and Forms
PDF and text versions available

How to Avoid Identity Theft: A Guide for Victims
Office of the Attorney General, Commonwealth of Virginia

Identity Theft And Your Social Security Number
Social Security Administration

Identity Theft and the Deceased - Fact Sheet 117
Identity Theft Resource Center

For more publications visit the USPIS or the FTC Publications Pages.

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Video icon FakeChecks.Org Prevention Videos
FakeChecks.org / October 1, 2007

Video icon Fraud/ID Theft Prevention Videos by the Postal Inspection Service
US Postal Inspection Service / October 1, 2007

Video icon Deter, Detect, Defend - Avoid ID Theft (A 10-minute educational video that provides an overview of identity theft and steps consumers can take to protect themselves)
Federal Trade Commission / 2007

Video icon Dateline\to catch an i.d. thief (Video)
Chris Hansen / MSNBC.com / April 3, 2007

Video icon 20/20 - Inside Look at Scam Artists (Video)
Brian Ross / ABCNews.com / March 8, 2007

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